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For the past several years, CSC has protected many of the Bay Area's largest commercial companies from sustaining any job site theft at all with our wireless burglar alarm system called "The Snitch."

During the previous 18 months or so, copper thefts had been slowing declining in the Bay Area. However, according to many local Bay Area police departments, copper thefts are again on the rise and vacant commercial buildings are once again prime targets for thieves to attack.

Case in point, just this week, an attempted copper theft incident occurred at a CSC client's building in Fremont. That building is protected by The Snitch, which helped catch the thieves in the act and prevented any theft from occurring at the client's location.

Specifically, two suspects broke into the vacant building in broad daylight with the intent of stealing copper metal and steel piping from the walls and corral areas 
Copper piping
- potentially costing the client tens of thousands of dollars. The moment the burglars made entry into the building, The Snitch system alerted the CSC security team and a CSC officer responded to the scene within 15 minutes.  Once on-scene, the CSC officer observed the thieves cutting the copper and steel piping with bolt cutters and loading it onto a flatbed truck. CSC immediately alerted local Fremont PD and the suspects were arrested on-site.

One suspect admitted to police that the stolen items in the truck
Copper Theft Arrest
 were removed from a vacant commercial building in Hayward earlier that day. After finding two receipts in the suspect's pockets, the police further determined the suspects had stopped off at two recycling centers along the way and sold some stolen product between Hayward and Fremont.

Following this incident, CSC reported the details to a local Federal Task Force called REACT that we work closely with. REACT specializes in high tech and metal theft crimes and will use the info we provided to determine a possible connection with any other incidents in the past with a similar method of operation.  

This is just one recent account of the very real threats that copper thieves can present to vacant commercial buildings. CSC's Snitch security program can effectively stop these security threats and prevent thefts from occurring at our client's sites. To date, The Snitch has earned a 100% success rate in protecting our client's properties against copper and metal theft, and as a result, we've been able to reduce our client's security costs by as much as $10k/mo, while helping them keep insurance premiums low and increase profits.

Currently, no other Bay Area security company offers any service that matches our Snitch Security Program - and compared to security guard services that can cost thousands of dollars each month, The Snitch can oftentimes provide peace of mind for a fraction of cost. For more info on how the Snitch can protect your business, contact CSC today.

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Today CSC launched the Snitch Security Video. It's a 4 min. clip
Snitch Security logo
visually describing the theft problems plaguing the commercial real estate sector today, and the reasons why The Snitch Security System is so successful at stopping equipment theft, material theft, copper theft and property damage from occurring at our client's sites.

Check out the video clip when you have a chance! If you have any questions about the Snitch, or want more info on how CSC's state-of-the art wireless burglar alarm system can help solve your security problems, you can request a Free Snitch Demo or contact us anytime at (888) FLAG-CSC.

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This week, KGO Radio reporter Leslie Brinkley reported on the rise of copper thefts occurring in the Bay Area now that the price of copper has risen above $3/pound.

The KGO story reported that very recently, four parks in the City of Concord have been stripped of copper wiring, costing the City tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the City of Mountain View, and several housing developments in the City of San Jose have also recently reported similar copper theft incidences, as copper thefts are beginning to surge once again in the Bay Area.

CSC copper theft expert, Brian Wall, was featured as a main source for the KGO news report. According to Wall, copper thieves are commonly breaking into vacant commercial buildings and specifically targeting the rooftops of buildings, as the rooftops are among the most vulnerable areas for copper thieves to attack. Wall also said that many unemployed plumbers and electricians are intelligently and systematically conducting the copper thefts because they have inside knowledge to commit the crimes.

CSC's team of copper theft experts are routinely advising companies and public sector organizations on the best solutions possible today to stop copper theft.  CSC also offers the Snitch Security System, which is designed specifically to help commercial property managers, building owners and construction sites fend off would-be copper thieves. Developed by leading copper theft experts, The Snitch is CSC's impenetrable and unbeatable wireless burglar alarm system designed specifically to stop copper thieves from attacking commercial sites. It boasts a 100 percent success rate at stopping copper thieves and provides complete protection around the clock to ensure CSC's customer's sites are always secure.

If your business or public sector agency is currently facing copper theft problems, or if you want to prevent these problems from developing in the future, give the CSC copper theft experts a call today at 408-295-2600 or contact us for a free Snitch System demo

Creative Security 

Recently, copper metal prices have soared back up to over $3 a

pound. According to many economists and this latest report from CNN, copper metal is a leading indicator of economic recovery because it's used so broadly all over the world. During the recession, there was concern over the drop in demand for copper, but with the economy turning around, copper is back on the rise. Additionally, there's still a great deal of pent up demand for copper from the Chinese market, and economists predict that once this demand opens up, there will be an exponential rise in copper prices.

Copper Spool

So what does the rise in copper prices mean for the security of your business? Plenty.

Rising copper prices generally equate to an immediate rise in copper thefts. With copper piping and wiring becoming much more valuable in the open market, copper thieves know they can fetch a hefty price tag for this precious metal in just a few hours time.

At specific locations, such as commercial buildings and construction sites, copper metal can be found in abundance and is relatively easy to steal. Once stolen, it's virtually impossible for authorities to track or recover from recyclers, making copper theft a low-risk, high-profit crime that many copper thieves can't resist.

Within the past year alone, copper thefts have increased in some Bay Area counties by as much as 300%, with two-thirds of these thefts occurring at commercial buildings. With vacancy rates at all-time highs, and copper prices soaring once again, thieves will be stealing more copper and damaging more commercial property at extremely alarming rates. Losses from the copper thefts are costing companies thousands, while costs to repair damaged buildings, missed project deadlines and soaring insurance premiums, some by as much as 500%, are compounding the problem.

Snitch Security System

Solutions such as CSC's Snitch Security System exist today and are designed specifically to help commercial property managers, building owners and construction sites fend off would-be copper thieves. Developed by leading copper theft experts, The Snitch is CSC's impenetrable and unbeatable wireless burglar alarm system designed specifically to stop copper thieves from attacking commercial sites. It boasts a 100 percent success rate at stopping copper thieves and provides complete protection around the clock to ensure CSC's customer's sites are always secure.

Don't let the recent rise in copper prices put your company's safety and security at risk of being attacked by copper thieves. Contact CSC today for more info on how the Snitch can provide you with complete protection for a fraction of the cost of traditional security measures. You can also download a free CSC webinar on "How to Stop a Copper Thief" and learn cost-effective methods for stopping copper thieves at commercial buildings & construction sites.
Copper Theft Webinar

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