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Stop Copper Theft

The Copper Theft Epidemic

"Copper metal has never been more valuable, or more stolen." - CSO MagazineOver the past several years, copper theft has reached epidemic proportions both in California, and nationwide. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, copper theft is a $1 billion problem that's only getting worse.Increasing worldwide demand for copper and short supply has caused copper prices to skyrocket, reaching all-time highs within the past five years. At specific locations, such as commercial buildings and construction sites, copper metal can be found in abundance and is relatively easy to steal. Once stolen, it's virtually impossible for authorities to track or recover from recyclers, making copper theft a low-risk, high-profit crime that many thieves can't resist.Within the past year alone, copper thefts have increased in some Bay Area counties by as much as

Copper Theft damage

 300%, with two-thirds of these thefts occurring at commercial buildings. With vacancy rates at all-time highs, thieves are stealing copper and damaging commercial property at alarming rates. Losses from the copper thefts are costing companies thousands, while costs to repair damaged buildings, missed project deadlines and soaring insurance premiums, some by as much as 500%, are compounding the problem.

CSC - The Copper Theft Experts

CSC has intimate knowledge of the copper theft problem and we have a team of copper theft experts with vast law enforcement experience who

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 are combating this problem every day.  Many of us at CSC have dedicated our careers to catching criminals, and over the past five years, catching copper thieves has become a top priority for CSC because so many of our commercial clients have been impacted by this problem.In our ongoing effort to stop the copper theft epidemic from worsening, CSC works closely and collaboratively with various federal, state and local authorities, as well as with key regulatory agencies and local recycling plants to put innovative security measures in place. As a result, CSC is the only private company allowed to participate in the Northern California Metal Association. CSC is also the only private company in State of California that's been granted exclusive access to conduct undercover investigations on every single recycler in the State.At CSC, we've made it our mission to make a difference by applying our law enforcement training and security expertise to protecting people and companies in the private sector. As a result, we work closely with our clients and share much of what we've learned over the past five years about why copper theft is committed, how copper thieves operate, and what affordable methods they can use to prevent copper theft from occurring at their commercial buildings and construction sites.

Stop Copper Theft With "The Snitch"

Specifically designed to stop copper theft at commercial buildings and construction sites, CSC's Snitch Security System has caught dozens of criminals in the act and led to arrests by local authorities, keeping CSC's clients100% protected."The Snitch" is an innovative wireless burglar 
Snitch Security System
alarm system that can secure Anything, Anywhere, Anytime - for a fraction of the cost of traditional security measures.The Snitch Security System is a wireless burglar alarm system supported by a 24/7 monitoring service and alarm response team that's linked directly to local law enforcement agencies.Each Snitch system is fully customizable and can secure a site over 500,00 sq. ft, including  all of the valuable copper metal at that site - ensuring that a breach never occurs.Over the past several years, the Snitch Security System has achieved a 100% success rate in eliminating copper theft and property damage for hundreds of commercial real estate companies and contractors.  Not only has The Snitch protected these companies from incurring further losses, it's also saved them money by keeping them on schedule and preventing their insurance deductibles from rising.  In fact, many Snitch users have actually received discounts from their insurance providers based on their improved safety and security. See below for client testimonials from some of our satisfied Snitch users:"CSC has not only eliminated our copper theft with The Snitch, but they've saved us and our clients approximately 9 million dollars."  -- George Diggs,
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"CSC has arrested over a dozen people for attempting copper theft in 16 of our buildings. After installing CSC's Snitch Security Systems in all of our vacant buildings, we haven't sustained a loss since!" - Tony Pardo, Maintenance Supervisor,
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